SwissGPT is a multi-layered system designed for secure and efficient use of AI in businesses.

SwissGPT Shield

The SwissGPT Shield operates seamlessly by intelligently anonymizing sensitive data while retaining valuable context, ensuring that you receive insightful responses from public large language models (LLMs) without compromising the confidentiality of private information. Additionally, it enhances privacy by masking IP addresses, providing users with a secure and untraceable experience.

SwissGPT SmartShield

SwissGPT SmartShield evolves with usage, continuously learning from interactions and fine-tuning outcomes. SmartShield empowers employees in prompt engineering without extensive training, using best practice prompts from peers. SmartShield identifies data for anonymization and understands contextual nuances. It excels in identifying use cases and optimizing efficiency over time.

SwissGPT Enterprise

SwissGPT Enterprise is a comprehensive solution where sensitive data and operations are processed on a Switzerland-hosted large language model (LLM). This ensures dual benefits: first, the utmost security as sensitive data remains insulated, eliminating the risk of data leakage, and second, the opportunity to learn and customize operations to align with your specific business needs. It seamlessly integrates internal company data, documents, and tools, creating a tailored AI environment. Moreover, unidirectional integration of public data sources is also supported, enhancing the depth of knowledge and insights available to your organization.

SwissGPT Enterprise+

SwissGPT Enterprise+ takes customization and security to the ultimate level by offering a dedicated instance of a large language model (LLM) exclusively for your organization. This dedicated environment allows for fine-tuning and retraining as needed to address specific use cases, ensuring optimal performance and relevance. What sets Enterprise+ apart is the maximal security it provides – it eliminates the risk of unintended cross-dissemination, ensuring that your LLM remains focused solely on your organization’s unique needs and objectives. This ensures the highest level of data security, as your own LLM remains entirely isolated.

SwissGPT (Smart)Shield Features

With SwissGPT (Smart)Shield you unlock the full potential of public LLMs whilst never giving sensitive data out. Features include:

SwissGPT Enterprise(+) Features

SwissGPT Enterprise(+) is currently in its beta phase, available to a select group of customers. Features include:

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